Our World has changed.

It's time...

To live life on your terms. 

To put the being back into well.

To do work that lights you up

To love like there's no tomorrow.

And to

share with soul.









Pink Watch

Pink Watch







I am here to be you Guide, back to you.

You already have everything you need
No fluff, funnels or fillers
Coronavirus changed everything
How can I help?

Over the last five years, I have learned so much about online marketing.

Being honest, herding and hustle is just not for me and more importantly, I don't want that for you.

You require something specific to you, crafted with love.

You deserve an honest exchange, not one where value and bonuses are made to look like they buff up your investment.

You want something that you can trust with the information you require, not with your inbox being flooded with the constant, next best thing.

We will not be working in a container, here. Our work knows no bounds.

Things will never be the same. Isolation has given us time to think about what is important, in every aspect. It can only be positive. Mother Nature certainly has got our attention and thrived.

This is our time to live life to the full.

To not waste time doing things from a place of pressure and should.

To live untamed and whole-hearted and bursting with love.

Many people lost their nearest and dearest, such a sad sad time.

It really has rocked us to our core.

Show gratitude by doing things differently and being true to yourself.

If you feel you have been living in someone else's life, now is the time to change things and get back to you.

This is not about becoming a better version, your own guru or personally developing yourself within an inch of your life.

You don't need retreating from, fixing, or up-leveling.

Everything you need you already have.

Navigating through fear back to love is the work I am here to do.

The only reason that you haven't done it yet is because, it's scary shit.

Clarity, courage ease & flow, are asking you to dance. They know the steps and I have the music.

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Hello, my name is Nicola Goodhew

It's not important who I am or what I do. It's more important that you feel my energy and that resonates enough with you that you feel compelled to reach out and connect.

 I am a Registered Nurse, Health Coach, Life Coach & Reiki Practitioner with 12+ years of experience in Recruitment & Corporate life.

Married to my soul- mate and man of my dreams at 50

A Mother of 3 amazing young adults and 2 step-sons.

My gift is to connect people and realise potential.

I am your guide, back to you.

“Nicola has had many business ideas, over the years. It's been quite amazing to see her evolve.

She is an inspiration and her resilience is incredible.”

Sarah. A

“It quickly became apparent to me that I had been living my life the way I thought I should. It affected my health and work choices. Nicola helped me to see my true path.”

Anna. B

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